How to install MySQL 5.1 and Workbench Tools on Small Business Server 2011

This post is not a ConfigMgr related but because I’ve encountered problems during the installation of MySQL 5.1 at a client’s site and my research hasn’t yielded any results I share my experience and the resolution of the problem.

So while I was trying to install the x64 Installer of MySQL version 5.1.57 I was getting a message that it was installed successfully but the service of MySQL could not start, the log had the following message recorded:

“ Error: 0 : Install return code for product ‘MySQL Windows 5.1’ is Failure (The MySQL service cannot be started.)”

I’m pretty sure that the installation should not behave like this, I’ve done this numerous times on Windows 2008 R2 and I know that SBS 2011 is based on them so this doesn’t make sense, so I decided to try another way, the “Compatibility Troubleshooter”.

I ran the installation by right clicking on the .msi file and selected “Troubleshoot Compatibility”, the troubleshooter scanned the application and it came up with a recommendation of “Skip Version Check"! you can see it in the snapshot below:MySQL_SBS2011

So I pressed the button to “Start the program” and it worked like a charm, the same applies for the Workbench tools for MySQL, you have to do the same thing in order for them to be installed correctly!

Now why is this happening, I believe that the installer doesn’t check the version number but the name of the Operating System and because SBS 2011 returns as version “Windows Small Business Server 2011 xxxxx” where xxxx is Standard or Premium then the installer believes that this is not a supported version and fails to register the service correctly….

Anyway that did the trick and it’s working great now!

Hope the above helped you if you were looking for a solution of this issue, please comment if you want.

‘Till the next article….take care!


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